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Terms of Sale

Ordering Info

A business on the Web is no different from any other mail order business; both the seller and the buyer have responsibilities. Both need to treat each other as they would like to be treated if their situations were reversed.

I have always operated my mail order business on the premise that any item is returnable within 15 days of receipt for any reason. I can make mistakes--I can overlook some fault with a camera; I can mis-package or mis-inventory an instruction book. I have shipped out books with missing pages, because I didn't look carefully enough; I have been guilty of sheer ignorance about a product. Nobody's perfect!

I'm certainly not encouraging you to return items that you buy from me; but I want you know that you don't need any "officially acceptable" reason to return something. I don't care--you ran out of money, you found it cheaper somewhere else, you decided to go into the Witness Protection Program, your wife/husband threatened you--it doesn't matter. Your peace of mind in buying from me is what is important. Even with such a liberal policy, the only returns I seem to get are when I screw up big-time. I guess I'm doing something right!

My policy on cameras is this: if I sell you a truly antique camera, I don't guarantee that it can be used to take pictures; I am selling it as a display item, and make no warranties as to its functionability. That seems reasonable to me.

If I sell you a camera that we both agree is for taking pictures, I give you a reasonable amount of time to put a roll of film through it. If there is anything wrong with the camera, I will gladly take it back and refund your purchase price. Your responsibility as a buyer is not to abuse this privilege. (But I won't pay for your film and processing).

Other policies are not written in stone; but I have 27 years of customers who will tell you (I think) that whenever there has been a problem, I have always tried to make the customer happy, even if I lost a buck or two in the process.

If you remember that both of us are entering into a responsible business agreement, there won't be any problems. I have had a couple of customers, however, who want to buy something, but assume from the outset that any mail order business is out to rip them off. I've spent too much time building a reputation of honesty, integrity and service to have any patience with people like that. I don't need, or want, their business.

Ordering Information

O.K. This is where you figure out we're not as high-tech as you might think. Why? Because you're going to need a pencil (or pen) and some paper.

We'll try and make this as easy as possible for you. As you browse through our site, note down the Item Number, short identifying note, and price of any items you wish to order. Please remember that prices do not include shipping charges. When you are all done, you have several options.

Payment may be made by cash, a check drawn on a U.S. bank, Money Order, VISA, MASTERCARD or PayPal. For secure VISA or MASTERCARD ordering, just click on and fill out the Order Form. This ordering form is new, and does not yet appear on all my pages.

If you are hesitant about internetting your credit card information, you can scribble your order on a piece of paper and FAX it to me at (860) 496-0664. You are also welcome to e-mail your order and relay your credit card information by another means of communication.

Your other options are to call me at (860) 496-9791 with your order; or snail-mail your order with payment (cash, check, Money order, VISA or MASTER CARD) to: John S. Craig/ P.O. Box 1637/ Torrington, CT 06790.

If you want to E-Mail me to confirm availability of items, I will respond as quickly as I can.

Happy Shopping!