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    #12977.  Paramount Sales Company Enlarger  Paramount Photographic Products, Boston, Mass., c. 1930's(?). Quite an unusual black cardboard sliding box-in-a-box simple glass lens enlarger. Measures 15x5x4". Cover on back removes; I can't quite figure how it works, unless you replace the back with a glass negative, then slide focus and shine a light through the negative. In EX condition and, being made of cardboard (with glass lens), very fragile. Two paper identification labels. $150.00

    #9713.  Stirn Concealed Vest Camera  c. 1888; C.P. Stirn Co., New York. Circular metal camera taking six images on a circular glass plate. Nickel finish. Shutter not working properly, fair amount of "tarnish" on body. No dents or dings. An extremely rare camera, and worthy of whatever restoration is required.  $1750.00

    #30812.  Bolsey C Twin Lens Reflex Camera  Bolsey Corp. of America, c. 1956. 35mm TLR camera; 44mm f/3.2 Wollensak lens, Wollensak shutter. Split-image rangefinder focusing, as well as waist-level viewing. Minuscule wear, generally EX, and a nice addition to any collection. With original case.  $95.00

    #31162.  Crystar HIT-type Camera  Subminiature; as new in original box (box separated on one edge). Shutter intermittent. No case.  $30.00

    #25503.  Replica of the Original Kodak Camera of 1888  Produced in limited quantity (2500) by Kodak, Ltd of England in 1988, this is an EXACT (non-working) replica of the Original Kodak box rollfilm camera. Camera bears an embossed serial number, and comes with a booklet on the Centenary History of the Kodak, and a fascimile "Kodak Manual" that accompanied the original camera. As new, original packaging. A historic piece itself, and undiscernable from the original in any collection. $595.00

    #31211.  Kodak Instamatic Reflex Camera  Taking the 126 cartridge film, this camera featured coupled metering (working), with a 50mm f/1.9 Xenon interchangeable lens. This example is fully operational, with a barely noticeable "ding" in the front lens rim. Takes flashcubes. With slightly worn original case.  $40.00

    #30814.  No. 1 Panoram Kodak, Model D  Serial #17620; takes 2-1/4x7" exposures on (originally) 105 film. Can also be used with 620 or 120 film (put 120 film on 620 spool to avoid binding). Minor scuffing of leather (no missing pieces); shutter needs repair or adjustment. BUT this camera has a 90mm f/6.8 Goerz Dagor III lens on it, never listed in Kodak catalog. Few cameras were offered by Goerz America with this lens. Restorable to a superb example; quite scarce. $700.00

    #24542.  Minox B Camera, Black Finish  An EX++ condition black-finish Minox B camera; no marks. Also includes black-finish AG-1 flashgun, black measuring chain. Original leather cases for both pieces, original instruction manual for camera, original Minox plastic case, and slightly worn original Minox box. Superb collectible, quite scarce.  $750.00

    #20267.  Nikon N8008S Camera Body  EX+ condition. No lens, no body cap.  $450.00

    #15228.  Churchie's "Official Spy Camera"  Simple black plastic 127-size camera, promo from Church's Fried Chicken restaurants. Undated, but at least from the 1980's and maybe late 1970's. Boxed as new in decorative box. Instructions printed on back of box.  $20.00

    #7488.  Newport 110 Camera, 1988  Original all-green 110 cartridge camera, advertising Newport cigarettes. Orange lettering. Still sealed on blister pack. Nice collectible.  $10.00

    #22147.  Pentacon Prakti Camera, 1960  A moderately compact 35mm camera with built-in battery powered motor drive. With Meyer Domiton 40mm lens. This example, while appearing as new (except for box wear), has corroded parts in the battery compartment, and probably doesn't work. Camera comes in its original, slightly worn, display box. No instructions. Great shelf item, and somewhat scarce.  $70.00

    #25135.  Ricoh 500 35mm Rangefinder Camera  with 4.5cm f/2.8 Ricomat lens. 35mm rangefinder camera, film advance lever on bottom; left-handed advance. Overall EX condition; shutter ever so slightly sluggish from lack of use. No marks, no dings. Seikosha-SLV shutter.  $65.00

    #13997.  Baby Rollei 4x4cm Camera, c. 1957  Gray baby Rollei; seems to be in EX operating condition; but one side panel of leatherette missing; other leather loose. With original soiled hard case.  $150.00

    #15257.  Super Reflex Camera  Super Reflex Camera Co., Chicago, c. 1920's. A Graflex-styled reflex camera, 3-1/4x4-1/4" format. Not listed in McKeown. Wollensak Velostigmat lens. Seems to have a rather ingenious shutter mechanism that does not involve a focal plane shutter. Shutter does work, but not properly; name embossed on hood--exterior leather peeling badly and hood has lots of cracks. No focusing back panel. Restorable? Quite scarce. $125.00

    #25141.  Voigtlander Bessamatic Camera  35mm single lens reflex, with coupled metering system. With Color-Skopar 50mm f/2.8 lens, Synchro-Compur shutter. Looks EX-EX+. Meter appears to be working properly; shutter seems ok on higher speeds; sluggish on speeds 1/15th and slower. Lot of cloudiness inside prism finder.  $125.00

    #22902.  Zeiss Super Ikonta B Camera, 532/16  Probably c. 1948; this example has the black enamelled lens and shutter housing, and features an 80mm f/2.8 Zeiss-Opton-Tessar lens in the Compur-Rapid shutter; with flash synch. EX appearing condition. Shutter working well; focusing is stiff, but working. Some tiny piece seems to be rattling around in the rangefinder housing. With most of original case. Nice addition to a collection. $275.00

    #23949.  Zenit 3M SLR Camera, with 500mm f/8 MTO Mirror Lens  An interesting package; includes the camera, with 50mm f/3.5 lens. Mint condition, with cap, case, original box. Camera appears to have 42mm thread mount lens. Plus 500mm f/8 MTO mirror lens. First version, marked awarded Grand Prize, Brussels, 1958. Includes four screw-over filters, original instructions (in Russian). Lens and accessories in original fitted wooden case. Near-mint condition overall. $495.00

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    #25436.  Wet Plate Era Four-Lens "Carte-de-Visite" Lens Set  Consists of four CDV "tubes" mounted on brass plate approx. 5x6-1/4". Each of the four matched brass lens tubes is about 5-inch focal length. All tubes are heavily tarnished on the outside, and one is missing a lens element; still superb for display. Mounting plate shows wear. A much sought-after and rare item in photographic collecting.  $595.00

    #26138.  Antique Brass "Gem" Brass Lens  Designed for use in a nine- or twelve-lens camera, c. 1860's, this brass lens has a focal length of approximately four inches. Physically, it is 2-1/4" long, 1-1/4" diameter, and embossed with the number "7". Threaded at one end to be fitted into a lensboard. Needs cleaning, but glass is basically good; barrel tarnished. I have a limited number of these available, at a per each price of $75.00

    #7693.  Original Lens for Anthony PDQ Detective Camera  original equipment; small brass lens, with flange. Engraved on barrel in script "E.&H.T.A.&Co., PDQ." Slotted for waterhouse stops. Some wear to barrel, else EX, and quite rare.  $250.00

    #10723.  Gundlach/Turner Reich 12-Inch Anastigmat Brass Lens  Last patent date 1895; small brass lens, with slot for waterhouse stops. Marked Gundlach Optical Co., Rochester, N.Y., and Turner Reich. No flange. Physically 1-3/4" diameter, 2" long. Exterior clean; some separation at edges internally. Nice display piece.  $60.00

    #7610.  Ansco Telephoto Converter Lens  for use on all Anscomatic ST/Movie Cameras Boxed as new.  $10.00

    #18240.  5x7" Bausch & Lomb Tessar Series Ic Barrel Lens  Black barrel lens, probably orginally on a 5x7 Graflex or similar camera. Optics appear generally EX; minuscule separation at edges of rear element. This is an f/4.5 lens, but is missing the diaphragm blades. Useful wide open or for display. No mounting flange.  $35.00

    #23787.  85-300mm f/5 Canon FL Zoom Lens  Serial #12043; highly sought after early Canon SLR lens. Optically EX; one minuscule mark on rear of barrel, else fine throughout. Rear cap, Nikkor skylight filter; original hard leather case. Lens lists "naked" in McBroom in this condition $750-$900; I offer it with the extras at  $700.00

    #27289.  135mm f/2.5 FL Canon Lens  EX, with shade, rear cap, original worn case.  $85.00

    #28786.  135mm f/2.8 Sears Auto Lens for Canon Breech-Lock Cameras  Equivalent, I guess, to Canon FD lenses in mount. EX.  $25.00

    #23389.  Stereo Lens Set for Graflex Stereo Auto Graflex/Stereo Graphic  A pair of Bausch & Lomb 5x7" Zeiss Protar V lenses mounted on an original Graphic board, for use either with the early Stereo Auto Graflex or the Stereo Graphic cameras (c. 1907). Lens serial numbers are five digits apart. Protars were offered as lenses with the Stereo Graphic; lensboard dimensions are minutely off from catalog-listed size for either camera. An extremely rare lens set for one of two extremely rare cameras. EX. $495.00

    #9309.  (Kenko) 35.5mm Fisheye Adapter Ring  Adapter ring to fit Kenko, Samigon, Spiratone, etc. auxiliary fish-eye lens to 35.5mm front thread lens. EX.  $10.00

    #14628.  43mm Fisheye Lens Adapter  For auxiliary fish-eye lenses like Kenko, Spiratone, Soligor. Packaged as new; for 43mm diameter lenses.  $15.00

    #14046.  50mm f/2.8 Retina-Xenar Lens  Normal lens for Kodak Retina Reflex or Instamatic Reflex cameras; EX.  $20.00

    #4359.  135mm f/4.0 Retina Tele-Xenar Lens  Telephoto lens for Retina Reflex series of cameras (not original model). Chrome; couple minuscule marks on barrel; diaphragm sluggish; with original plastic case. No shade.  $40.00

    #28774.  52mm f/1.8 Konica Hexanon Lens  Normal lens for, apparently, Konica Auto-Reflex series of cameras. Seems EX if you need another normal lens.  $30.00

    #25140.  Vivitar 2X TeleConverter, Konica Mount  For use with the Konica AutoReflex series of cameras and lenses; doubles focal length of lens. EX, with original case, caps.  $30.00

    #28776.  28mm f/2.8 Vivitar wide-angle lens, Minolta MC mount  Lightweight, compact; minuscule wear to exterior, optics seem EX.  $30.00

    #28796.  28mm f2.8 MD W-Rokkor-X Lens  Small, compact 28mm wide angle lens for Minolta. EX+, with non-original caps.  $85.00

    #28772.  35-70mm f/3.5 Macro ProRokinon Zoom Lens for Minolta MD  push-pull zoom lens for older Minolta cameras; looks EX, appears to be operating well. Compact, nice.  $55.00

    #28794.  70-210mm f/4-f/5.6 Sigma Zoom Lens for Minolta MC/MD Mount Cameras  Push-pull zoom feature. Multi-coated; EX condition throughout.  $75.00

    #28767.  75-200mm f/4.5 AF Rokinon Zoom Lens for Minolta AF Cameras  I honestly don't know if this will fit the current series of Minolta AF cameras, but will certainly work on 7000, 8000 etc models. Seems EX.  $65.00

    #28773.  135mm f2.8 Asanuma Auto-Tele Lens for Minolta MD mount  Medium telephoto lens; fits Minolta SRT models and who knows what others. Excellent.  $35.00

    #31171.  75-150mm f/4 Zuiko Auto-Zoom Lens  Original equipment Olympus lens for OM system cameras. EX+, with case; no caps.  $60.00

    #11716.  35mm f/2.0 Super-Multi-Coated Takumar Lens, screw-mount  Extra-fast wide angle lens for screw-mount Pentax cameras; also set for full-aperture metering models, such as ES. One minute mark on barrel, else EX+. Includes rear cap; scarce.  $175.00

    #28777.  55mm f/2 SMC Takumar Lens, Screw Mount  Normal lens that works on Spotmatic, Spotmatic F cameras and others. Appears EX. Never hurts to have a spare normal lens.  $25.00

    #26151.  35mm f/3.5 Samigon Pre-Set T-Mount Lens  Nice basic wide-angle lens in T-mount configuration-- it can be used on almost any SLR with the appropriate T-mount adapter. EX.  $30.00

    #26152.  135mm f/3.5 Samigon Pre-Set T-Mount Lens  Nice basic telephoto lens in T-mount configuration-- it can be used on almost any SLR with the appropriate T-mount adapter. EX.  $30.00

    #7560.  90-230mm f/4.5 Soligor Zoom Lens, T-4 Mount  Perhaps not new, but boxed as though it was. With appropriate T-4 adapter, usable on most SLR's.  $75.00

    #2211.  80mm f3.5 F.C Soligor Lens  Focusing screw-mount lens; apparently normal lens for camera like the Soligor 66. Nick on rear element, else EX appearing; fine for display.  $30.00

    #22881.  87-205mm f/4.7 RE-Zoom-Auto-Topcor Lens  Standard zoom lens made for the Topcon RE-Super, Super-D and Topcon Super-DM series of cameras. Heavy and slow by today's standards, but crisp and sharp, and a must for any Topcon collection. Few minute marks on finish, but optically EX; with case and screw-in close-up lens.  $245.00

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    Projection and Viewing

    #24721.  Airequipt Slide Stacker  Original equipment for most Airequipt slide projectors. Allows use of a stack of slides, instead of having to put them in those metal trays. Little tarnished from age, but appears to be be unused, in original box.  $30.00

    #28088.  Airequipt 120 Circular Magazine  For specific late model Airequipt projectors; sits horizontally on projector, holds 120 2x2" slide mounts. Boxed as new.  $10.00

    #21570.  Airequipt Metal Slide Tray  Original equipment Airequipt Magazine for 2x2" slides; in box, with metal binding frames. Tray holds 36 slides. Scarce if you need them. EX condition, but used; probably some writing on the box. Mixed styles, also may be mixed Airequipt/Argus brands.  $6.00

    #27222.  Airequipt Vari-mount Magazine  36-slide plastic tray for 2x2" slides. According to the labeling, these trays can only be used with the Series "A" Superba projectors. They may also fit later models which hadn't been invented yet. As new, with cardboard cover.  $6.00

    #30093.  Argus Holiday Showmaster Model 838 Super 8mm Movie Projector  Clean, appears to be in Excellent operating condition. Lamp currently working, but no guarantee how long it will last. A very basic Super 8mm projector. No take-up reel.  $$35.00

    #28674.  Bausch & Lomb 7-Inch f/3.5 Projection Lens  Original B&L equipment projection lens for the 755 (2-1/4x2-1/4") projector. Boxed as new. Scarce.  $30.00

    #28671.  Bausch & Lomb Remote Control Cord  Approximately 20-foot original equipment remote control cord for Bausch & Lomb 755 (2-1/4x2-1/4) slide projector. Three-pin connector with control button. Used, with possible repairs, but guaranteed to work.  $18.00

    #28672.  Bausch & Lomb Balsync Unit  Original equipment sound synchronizer for use with most B&L slide projectors; probably not useful today, but a rather interesting artifact to add to your collection. Used, but in worn original box with all the appropriate wires, and a reprint of the original instructions. Not guaranteed to work.  $25.00

    #23394.  Bausch & Lomb 40-Slide Tray for 2-1/4x2-1/4" Transparencies  Original equipment B&L slide trays for this larger slide. Fits B&L Model 755 projector (and possibly others). Tray appears in new condition, in slightly dusty and worn original box. Scarce, out of production for at least 20 years.  $15.00

    #30731.  4" Lens for Honeywell Preview Projector  Original Honeywell lens. EX+ condition, in non-original box.  $20.00

    #28675.  Kodak Motion Adapter  Never seen one of these before! Original Kodak equipment adapter, with bracket, for mounting on the Carousel and Ektagraphic projectors (mid to late 1960's). Creates repetitive motion on the screen for "Technamated or other specifically prepared motion slides." OK, requires specially prepared slide. What a neat gimmick! Boxed as new, with instructions; and separately boxed bracket. $35.00

    #23392.  Kodak Folding Viewer for 110 Pocket Slides and Negatives  Still using your little 110 camera? This is for you; compact little pocket viewer, as noted, for slides or negatives. Packaged as new. I don't even remember these from my days of owning a camera store. Cute, and quaint.  $3.00

    #24159.  Rollei 2-3/4x2-3/4 Slide Tray (2-1/4x2-1/4), Magazin 77  Plastic straight slide tray, holding 30 2-1/4x2-1/4 transparencies, for the Rollei slide projector. Used, but in EX condition; probably little writing on the box. Scarce.  $10.00

    #23013.  GAF 100 Slide Tray  Original equipment rotary slide tray holding 100 slides; marked for GAF, Anscomatic and Sawyer's projectors. This is the tray that stands vertically in the projector. Used, but EX, with worn storage box. Also fits Minolta, Nikkormat projectors.  $8.00

    #28747.  6x6cm (2-1/4x2-1/4") Plastic Glassless Slide Mounts  Thin glassless transparency mounts by Clark (Emde). Perhaps used, but EX+ condition. The lowest price we could find on the internet for a box of 100 of these was about $35.00; ours are not in the original box. Price per 100.  $25.00

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