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Sometimes it's difficult to know where to find the information you need or want out there in CyberSpace. There are probably thousands of sites where you can buy cameras and related materials (and I'll give you links to a few, for one reason or another), but you've probably found a lot of those. But what you want is INFORMATION!!!

Where can I buy film for old cameras?

  • Film for Classics
    Richard T. Haviland operates Film for Classics; he specializes in remanufacturing those discontinued rollfilm sizes that fit many of the older collectible cameras. Want to use that old folding Kodak you found in granddad's attic? Now you can!

    I want to Fix all my cameras. Help!

  • Fargo Enterprises
    Even the simplest camera repair usually can't be accomplished with even the most eclectic assortment of things you'll find in your kitchen drawer. And almost every camera repair text lists a wide variety of "special" tools you really need. Enter Fargo Enterprises. Based in Vacaville, California (reachable at P.O. Box 6505, Vacaville 95696-6505, or by phone at 707.446.1120 or FAX at 707.446.3319), Curt Fargo and Friends have an 80-page illustrated catalog with every neat little repair toy and tool you could ever want (almost).

    Where can I buy modern stereo and 3-D accessories?
    Where can I get my stereo slides processed and mounted?

  • Reel 3-D Enterprises, Inc.
    These old friends have the largest assortment of current stereo and 3-D accessories, ephemera, and miscellaneous around, and always have. They'll answer your questions about 3-D photography, direct you to labs that still process and mount stereo slides; sell you mounting and viewing supplies, etc. If it's 3-D, David and Susan have it!
  • They can also be reached by telephone at 310.837.2368, by USMail at P.O. Box 2368, Culver City, CA 90231; and by e-mail at reel3d@aol.com

    Ken Hough is a specialist in Deardorff refinishing, as well as lens recementing and shutter repair. He has been a contributor to the Deardorff section of McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras. We lost his website for a while, but now we have a new one for his Deardorff. Check it out for Deardorff history, repair, and other specialized services.

    For the Dedicated Camera Surfer
    Some collectible camera dealers around the world have been kind enough to put a link on their site to us; it's only fair that we return the favor.

    I personally love the site designed by Yohei Suzukawa in Japan. He has been a long-time customer of mine, and has a magnificent collection of photographic literature. It's all nicely listed here, with some fascinating reference information and some impressive graphics. You can't buy from this site, but it's a refreshing to see someone willing to share their collection with the rest of the world.

    Interested in the Kodak Brownie cameras, their history, advertising, and taking pictures with them? Then you need to visit The Brownie Page. This is a labor of love from collector Chuck Baker. Check it out!

    Collector's Shows and Collector's Groups
    The Photographic Historical Society of Canada has a page that not only informs about the Society and their collector's shows twice a year, but is a wealth of other contacts and information in the collecting world.

    If you're on the West coast of the U.S., the Photofairs in San Jose and San Mateo, California have been a "must" for collector's for more than 20 years. Formerly run by Dave Cox, they are now under the able guidance of our friends who operate http://www.camerabooks.com. Here's a schedule, with dates, directions, and dealer information.

    If you're east of the Mississippi River in the U.S., the biggest promoter of camera collector's shows is Sam Vinegar of Classic Camera in Grosse Point Woods, Michigan. His Photorama shows checkerboard the area (some are good, some are bad, so you pays yer money and takes yer choice). But here you'll find the schedule, the fees, as well as a monster list of other site links and information.

    The Chicago Photographic Collector Society has ben around for nearly 30 years. At their site you'll find information about the Society, their collector's shows, and a lengthy list of e-mail and site addresses to contact both photographic manufacturers and other photo-history sites.

    No matter where you live (at least in the U.S.), you've heard of the beauty of the rugged New England coast, home to quaint little towns and fishing villages, and the famous Maine lobster. You might want to check out Bodin Historic Photo for a collection of reprinted historic photographs of this area.

    We've been a little lax (to say the least) about noting other collector's websites, so we'll try and be better in the future:

    PHOTOGRAPHICA.... . Early & Antique Cameras, Magic Lanterns and slides, Pre Cinema, Optical toys, Stereo , Cine, Kaleidoscopes, Daguerreotypes, Photographic books. Mailed World-wide by Lionel Hughes. We include a large number of 19th and early 20th century items and occasional rare earlier items as well as the later black and white items that comprise the contents of most dealers stock.The business, run by Lionel and Christine Hughes, started full time in 1976, and selling worldwide by mail to knowledgeable collectors and dealers since 1980.

    We also commend to you the incredible "directory" site of ACE Photographic Web Services. This the most extensive directory of camera stores, repair shops and mail order dealers worldwide categorized and corss-references by new and used equipment, geographic location, etc. Also includes links to most. An invaluable reference when you are looking for a specific item.

    We have a notice from Anthony Davis about his new on-line catalog of photographic images. We have no opinion on this site, but he notes he has more than 300 daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, salt prints, albumens, cartes de visite, stereo, etc.

    Photographic Manufacturers
    We freely admit we liberated most of this list from the web page of the Chicago Photographic Historical Society, and we'll add a few of our own as we go. Need to contact a photo manufacturer? Or just want to see what they have, or how they promote their products? Here you go!

  • Agfa
  • Bogen Photo
  • Canon WorldWide
  • Canon USA
  • Contax Cameras
  • Fuji Film
  • Hasselblad Camera USA
  • Hasselblad Sweden
  • Eastman Kodak Co.
  • Konica
  • Kyocera/Yashica/Contax
  • :Leica Germany
  • Leica Camera AG
  • Leica USA
  • Mamiya
  • Minolta USA
  • Minox
  • Nikon USA
  • Olympus Camera
  • Olympus USA
  • Pentax
  • Photo Marketing Association
  • Polaroid Corporation
  • Quantum Instruments
  • Ricoh Japan
  • Ricoh USA
  • Schneider Optics
  • Sekonic
  • Tamron/Bronica
  • Tocad Tripods (Sunpak/Slik)
  • Toyo View Cameras